Apostille De La Haye


Apostille de la Haye Miami

The Apostille de la Haye Convention or the State Certification is a document issued by the Department of State that certifies the signature of the Notary Public or a public officer such as the Clerk of the Court or the Registrar.

All documents bearing these signatures need to have the Apostille attached to be considered as valid outside of the US. Only original documents can be accepted to obtain the Apostille de la Haye or the State certification.

Whether you live in Miami or anywhere in the 50 states, we can help you with all types of personal documents that require the Apostille de la Haye from any State. These documents include:

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Death certificates
  3. Police records
  4. Certificate of domicile
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Certificate of marriage dissolution
  7. Diploma, school and college transcripts

Member countries of the La Haye Convention accept the Apostille authentication as a valid certification when such documents need to be used in a different country. We at New Land ServicesĀ® have the skills and capabilities to turn around your documentation within 72 hours from the moment you submit your originals to our office.